Safety Instructions

Praptibazaar is committed and trying to serve you in 100% safe and secured way. Please read and follow the safety instructions below for your safety-

Please don’t meet or complete any transaction with any unknown person or unsafe places. Always try to make transaction in your own place. For more safety you can use our office for your transactions (100 taka Charge applicable).

Don’t make any advance payments for any transaction. Always payment during the product purchase and delivery time.

Think twice during any transaction for your safety.

Never share your financial conditions, financial details such as account number, debit/credit card numbers etc. with any unknown persons.

Praptibazaar is not asking your personal details through email or phone. So for this types of communication always avoid and also you can take legal actions to the sender.

During purchase always verify the product with your own. For the old products always try to verify the purchase documents and make sure those products are genuine and not a stolen products. For any deficiencies you can take legal actions.

At last all safety and securities will depends on the user’s activities. Please avoid unnecessary negligence’s during transactions during transactions. Praptibazaar will not responsible for that.

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