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Before posting any service or products in www.praptibazaar.com, please read and understand the terms and conditions carefully. Terms and conditions are as below-

Please ensure the local law and orders during post your services or products. For any kind of unlawful activities, praptibazaar will not liable.

Don’t post any kind of adult pictures, photo, words, and advertisements here which can violate the cyber security law or other social responsibility. By clicking the terms and conditions you are agreed that, for all kind of unlawful activities buyers and sellers will responsible, and praptibazaar will not responsible for that.

Various types of advertisements may appear in praptibazaar.com site. When any user clicks or visits any website from there, this is own responsibility of the users. We are not liable for any kind of risk.

Without praptibazaar.com or the user permission any kind of post or picture cannot be used in any other purposes.

Praptibazaar always try to ensure user’s personality and confidentiality. We will not publish customers email address without their permission.

We will not ensuring hundred percent availability of the site. For any kind of natural or human made disaster or any other issues service may hampered. And praptibazaar will not responsible for that.

Don’t meet the buyer/seller in any private place or any unsafe place. For any kind of lost, damage, robbery or other unwanted situation praptibazaar will not responsible.

By clicking the terms and conditions you are ensuring that praptibazaar is not responsible for any kind of unwanted situations or unlawful activities. Customers or users will responsible for that.

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